We helped owners, architects, engineers and contractors solve unusual problems, especially for restoration of historic architectural concrete. We have worked in 30 states on hundreds of buildings, large and small, for both historic and new construction. We worked on churches, monuments, conference centers, office buildings, a historic log cabin, an art deco skyscraper, a four-story New England Inn, lakefront homes on Chicago’s North Shore, retail centers, more than one hundred homes, and the first, Tadao Ando designed concrete building in the United States.

Before retiring, we worked on:

  1. Restoration of architectural concrete and stucco

  2. Historic concrete mixture design and samples

  3. Models, Molds, Lettering Inserts, Prototypes

  4. Search for and processing of historic aggregates

  5. Training craftsmen in traditional concrete methods

  6. Design and production of mosaic concrete

  7. Design and shop drawings for precast molds

  8. Specialty precast concrete production

  9. Architectural cladding in historic materials

  10. Management of design and construction

  11. Condition surveys of buildings and sites

  12. Terraces, garden hardscapes and fountains

  13. Waterproofing, roofing and drainage systems

  14. Library systems for conservation management



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