Bob Armbruster is an internationally recognized expert in the restoration of historic architectural concrete, exposed aggregate concrete and mosaic concrete artworks.

Bob has retired from full time services but can provide consulting for exceptional projects. The Armbruster Company’s project management services and production studio are no longer available.

The Armbruster Company provided investigation, materials development, engineering and training for historic concrete restoration and for architectural concrete in new works. Our concrete studio designed and produced select projects in mosaic concrete, sculpture and architectural concrete.

Bob is a leading authority on John J. Earley, the father of architectural concrete, and the work of Earley Studio. We created designs, materials and methods to restore Earley’s historic architecture, sculpture and fountains.

Bob Armbruster restored exceptional concrete for thirty years. For forty-three years Bob directed the planning, design and construction of complex restoration projects as the principal engineer and Program Manager.

Historic Concrete — Restoration and New Works

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Restoration and Preservation of Exceptional Properties

Historic Architectural Concrete and Exposed Aggregate

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