President of The Armbruster Company for 19 years.

Retired Professional Engineer: held licenses in Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland and Michigan.

Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, University of Michigan. Bachelors of Arts in Design and Architecture, University of Detroit. Completed numerous professional-level courses and seminars in historic preservation, management, construction, engineering and concrete restoration.

Author of articles and papers, instructor in seminars and presenter at a wide range of professional gatherings.

In a previous position as the General Manager of NSA Properties,  Mr. Armbruster achieved a turnaround in the management, development and operation of one hundred buildings throughout the United States. In six years time, he restored the properties’ physical, operational and financial vitality while establishing long-range management programs.

For nine years Mr. Armbruster coordinated site engineering for The Taubman Company, a national real estate development, construction, and property management firm. He managed consultants for regional retail centers, office and mixed-use developments valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Mr. Armbruster also served on the staffs of an engineering consulting firm and a general contractor.

Robert F. Armbruster


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Most Significant Architectural Concrete Repair Project, 1990-1995

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Award of Merit       United States Marine Corps Memorial Rehabilitation

       International Concrete Repair Institute

Award of Merit       Baha’i House of Worship Restoration

       Structural Engineers Association of Illinois

Award of Merit        Baha’i House of Worship Terrace, Stairs and Gardens Restoration

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