After 50 years of exposure to the elements, the Memorial’s distinctive concrete was exhibiting deterioration and the settlement of fill soils below the plaza required rehabilitation. The Armbruster Company surveyed the condition of the original concrete, analyzed its materials, located replacement aggregates, formulated new concrete mixtures, wrote specifications for repairs and coached the concrete craftsman as they learned how to work with the unusual materials and finishes.

Earley Studio developed the exposed aggregate concrete of this National Historic Landmark to reflect the black sands and rocks of Iwo Jima. The National Park Service selected Mr. Armbruster to create new concrete materials that exactly matched the historic components and to design new construction details that would extend the service life of this heavily visited monument.

The United States Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, stands as a symbol of our nation’s high regard for the honored dead of the Marine Corps. Although the statue depicts one of the most famous incidents of World War II, the memorial is dedicated to all Marines who have given their lives since 1775.

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U.S. Marine Corps Memorial     Iwo Jima Memorial

Rehabilitation of Architectural Concrete Plaza

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                                      Vietnam War Memorial Battle Maps

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