John J. Earley created intricate polychrome mosaics using many colors of sands and pebbles to achieve strikingly beautiful results. Earley was inspired by the pebble mosaic pavements and walls he had experienced in Europe. He imagined that by exposing the pebbles in the surface of the concrete he could create mosaic effects more economically than by hand-placing individual stone chips into the surface of wet mortar. He was correct.

John Earley's remarkable polychrome concrete mosaics remained unequalled until The Armbruster Company created mosaic Battle Maps for the Vietnam War Memorial in 2012. Colored glass is crushed to make pebbles and sand, then mixed with white cement and pigments to make miniature concrete mixtures that are placed into intricate molds.

Earley Studio developed the crafts of mold making, aggregate selection, concrete mixture proportions, mixture placement and surface exposure for precise control of the finished appearance. John Earley invented techniques for sequenced placement of multiple concrete mixtures, sophisticated precast concrete elements, using cast-in-place concrete to integrate precast components, hand-applied stucco in mosaic concrete and precast mosaic concrete installed as permanent formwork for structural concrete.

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Earley Studio’s Mosaic Concrete

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